Contract / Temporary Staffing

Contract/Temporary Staffing

In a volatile economy it’s vital to give your business and team the staffing flexibility it needs to succeed. A recent study has found that temporary staffing demand grew at 20.3% over 2014 –better than anticipated – and second quarter growth is forecast at nearly the same pace.

Benefits for Employers :-

Speed of Hire :- Companies can hire more quickly without having to jump through the usual hoops of a full time employee. This is especially useful when times are incredibly busy.

Flexibility :– Staffing challenges arise from various situations – business growth, demand cycles, technology implementations, and mergers, to name just a few. Consider bridging the gap with contract staffing. By flexibly adding contract professionals,you can provide extra support or infuse critical knowledge into your organization… even create more time for existing employees to focus on strategic initiatives.

Cost Effective :- Without having to provide benefits or factor in full salaries, contractors can be less expensive.

Liability :– By using a staffing firm’s employees, you avoid liability for workers comp, professional/ general liability, payroll taxes and unemployment claims – which become the responsibility of your staffing partner.

Highly Skilled :– Since they work on project basis, contract worker are exposed to wide range of business settings and technologies, they can also provide fresh ideas for innovative solutions as they are more exposed to market trends.

Permanent Staffing

TecHHire has been at the forefront of high volume recruitment process outsourcing across a wide variety of industries. We have a proven track record in sourcing well-qualified staff across the full scope of our specialist sectors. Our approach to candidate attraction is a combination of ‘tried and tested’ methods endorsed by experienced consultants with industry specific experience in combination with constantly evolving new methods for candidate attraction.

Contract to Hire

Contract-to-hire services offer benefits to both employers and candidates.It offers the most flexible approach to adding resources without adding the burden of employment processing costs. It frees you from the obligations of a direct hire employee should the individual not be a match or if there is a business slow-down. It’s the “try before you buy” scenario. Once you have had the opportunity to observe the candidate during a “working interview,” you can make a more educated decision on whether to hire the candidate as a full time employee.

What are the main reasons to utilize a contract-to-hire option?

Get work fast :- Without needing to make a long-term commitment, you can spend less time interviewing, and more time earning.

Fixed prices :– You know exactly what you have to pay each month, which can help you set and keep a budget.

Reduced recruiting costs :- This reduces your costs overall by ensuring that you don’t have upfront costs on a candidate that doesn’t fit on a long-term basis.

Significant reduction of employment :- related issues-With TecHHire managing the initial recruiting and the contract employment period, you have less to manage and less to worry about. We handle the paperwork and any transitions related to the position and candidate Build your resume. Even if the job does not convert to full time, your contract time will build up your resume as you will likely be exposed to new technologies and experiences.

Contract Staffing